Year 5 Lessons 🎶🎹🎸

Recently in music lessons  (in Year 5) we have been learning to play Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. The instruments we used to play this song were the keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar djembe and we also had singers. The instrument I played was the djembe.

It was very fun doing Chasing Cars with Mr Bellingham and Mr Oakton. Instead of having just the singers singing the chorus everyone sang as a class, for the verses Maddox sang. It was very exciting singing the chorus. Sometimes rehearsals were hard but most of the time it was very cool, fun and exciting but sometimes it was hard but altogether it was a great song to learn to play.

I had so much fun learning how to play chasing cars on the djembe and hope to have as much fun as that learning the next songs we do in music. I love doing music so much and I loved doing Chasing Cars.

By Taya


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