Chasing Cars Recording – Year 5

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working with some children from Year 5 to record their version of Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol, which they learnt earlier this year.

The children each recorded their different parts including roughly half the class playing instruments, before the whole class sang the chorus. We are so pleased with the result of our first ever Norbridge recording project and can’t wait to record another song soon. Please have a listen, share, and leave us a comment!

Here are some photos from our project:

Music Blog Challenge

  • Imagine dragons is my favourite band beacuse the song has a really powerful beat.
  • The main 2 people that sing Sucker for Pain is John and Lil Wayne.
  • The main instruments are piano, guitar, body percussion, drums and clapping.
  • The style of music they play is rock.
  • They have released 2 albums.
  • My favourite songs are Ain’t my fault, Firework, Gentlemen, Weekend and Tonight.
  • Sucker for Pain could be improved by dancing.

Music Blog Challenge

Who is the singer, musician or band?

Ed Sheeran – Singer, Song writer

How many albums or singles have they released?

Ed Sheeran has released 13 different albums: The orange room, Thank you, Loose change, The slumdon Bridge, No. 5 collaboration Project, Songs I wrote with Amy, +, X, One take, Live at the Bedford, Want some and You need me.

Do you like their music? Why/why not?

My family and myself love Ed Sheerans’ songs. He tells a story and always sings with confidence.

What style of music do they sing/play?

Pop music, Acoustic Music, Rap music and Folk music/story songs.

What different instruments do they use?

Ed Sheeran frequently plays the guitar.

How does their music make you feel?

Calm, happy, lost amongst the words, sometimes sad.

What are your favourite songs?

Shape of you, Over the castle on the hill, Thinking out loud, Photograph, The a team, Don’t, Run away, Sing, Bloodstream.

How do you think their music could be improved?

More amazing songs, more often.

By Tom, Class 6

Music Blogging Challenge

Little Mix Review

This band has four female singers, Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne.

They have also released seven albums called Glory Days, Salute and more.

My favourite songs are Touch and Secret Love song.

I think that they could improve by using some instruments because they have people to play the instruments for them.

Their music makes me tingle and happy when I am sad so I listen to it.

Do you like them too?

🎶🎤 Music Blog Challange 🎤🎶

Olly Murs

Olly Murs has released 8 albums and his most recent one is called 24 Hours. He was born on the 19th of May 1984 and won the X factor in 2009. I love his songs, whenever I am mad at something I listen to his songs and they calm me down and make me feel happy again. I can’t really decide what my favorite song is but I like the album 24 Hours the best and song wise I like Dance With Me Tonight, Wrapped Up, Up and lots more. I like to read about him in magazines and I found out that he likes football and he supports Manchester United. His most embarrassing moment was when he was 12 or 13 and he went out to the shops in his boxers without realising. I think that his music couldn’t be any better.

By Melissa

Music Blog Challenge – facts about my band

Who is my band? Little Mix is my band.

Who are the band members? Little Mix has four band members who are Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson.

When did they first release their first album?  In 2011 they first released their album.

Where is Little Mix from? High Wycombe, England, Essex, England and South Shields, England.

How old are little mix? Perrie Edwards birthday is 10 July, 1993. Jesy Nelson’s birthday is 14 June, 1991. Leigh-Anne Pinnocks birthday is 4 October, 1991. Jade Amelia Thirlwall’s birthday is 26 December, 1992.

When did little mix win X Factor?  2011. Little Mix was also the first group to ever win The X Factor. Originally the band name was called Rhythmix, but this had to be changed there was a dispute with a children’s music charity, which had the same name.

How many albums have Little Mix released? Little Mix have released 6 albums.

What is  my favourite song? My favourite song is DNA.

What was there first song they released? Cannonball.

What do their songs make me feel like? Extremely happy and make me want to dance. I sing and dance around my bedroom as I love the songs so much.

What do I like about their music? I like that they have fantastic voices.

What else have the band done other than music? In 2012 Little Mix brought out a range of children’s clothing for Primark aimed at 7 to 13-year-olds.

The bands fans – Little Mix’s fan base call themselves Mixers.

from Olivia

Autumn Term

We have had a very exciting first term in music this year which has included lots of new opportunities! Children in Year 2 have received their first taste of both whole class ukulele and djembe lessons, Year 3 has also learnt djembe for the first time and continued to build on their ukulele learning.

Children in Year 4 have been trialing the Just Play approach from Musical Futures, where they have been learning to play chords and rhythms on electric and bass guitars, keyboards, ukuleles and djembes. They have also learnt the song Photograph by Ed Sheeran as their first whole class band.

In Year 5, children learnt and performed an amazing version of Snow Patrol’s song Chasing Cars, before moving on to start composing their own songs using Garageband for the iPad as part of the composition challenge run by Transformance Music.

Children in Year 6 have learnt both Smoke on the Water, by Deep Purple, and Happy, by Pharrell Williams as a whole class. At their first blogathon, they also used Garageband to write their own moody score to the opening sequence of the film Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Outside of lessons the Norbridge Rocks band has been learning to play Up, by Olly Murs; Young Voices club have been rehearsing their songs and dance moves and are looking forward to the concert at the Motorpoint Arena in January, and the Christmas choir have performed at Bassetlaw Hospital, Poplars Church, the school Christmas Fayre, the Worksop Christmas Market at Jubilee Nursing Home.

All in all it has been a very busy and exciting term and we are looking forward to more exciting activities in the Spring term!

Norbridge Rocks

This year we have have created a school band, called Norbridge Rocks. Over the year the band will be learning and performing a variety of songs as well as trying their hand at writing their own.

Norbridge Rocks are currently learning Up by Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato. They already have the basics practised so are currently working on the structure of the song and developing their individual parts.