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Music Blog Challenge

Who is the singer, musician or band?

Ed Sheeran – Singer, Song writer

How many albums or singles have they released?

Ed Sheeran has released 13 different albums: The orange room, Thank you, Loose change, The slumdon Bridge, No. 5 collaboration Project, Songs I wrote with Amy, +, X, One take, Live at the Bedford, Want some and You need me.

Do you like their music? Why/why not?

My family and myself love Ed Sheerans’ songs. He tells a story and always sings with confidence.

What style of music do they sing/play?

Pop music, Acoustic Music, Rap music and Folk music/story songs.

What different instruments do they use?

Ed Sheeran frequently plays the guitar.

How does their music make you feel?

Calm, happy, lost amongst the words, sometimes sad.

What are your favourite songs?

Shape of you, Over the castle on the hill, Thinking out loud, Photograph, The a team, Don’t, Run away, Sing, Bloodstream.

How do you think their music could be improved?

More amazing songs, more often.

By Tom, Class 6

Year 4 Music, Week 2

In our music lessons we are learning the Ed Sheeran song Photograph.  

We like the song because it is peaceful and fun to listen to. We are both singers in the band and love singing because we are good at it and it is fun. We both really like Music lessons.

Lil’s favourite song is Heathens by Twenty One Pilots and Gracey’s is Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. We both love singing and would love to be singers in bands or on stage when we are older!

By Leilani and Gracey, Holly Class