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Music Rocks

At the moment we are learning a song called Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. I like the song because it is rock and I like rock music. In the band I am playing the keyboard. I like playing the keyboard because you get to play hard music and it sounds good. I like music lesson because we do things that not every school does.

By Joseph, Maple Class

Music Band

The Music Band is great because we get the amazing opportunity to learn how to play different instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboard, djembe, cajon and drums, and we also get the chance to sing in groups or in solos.

Right now we are practising a song called Up by Olly Murs including all of the instruments that we will be able to show to the school in an assembly and possibly record. At the moment I am a keyboard player and am really enjoying it.

By Eleanor, Maple Class

First Music Lessons

This week children across the school were excited to start their first music lessons of the year. There were lots of exciting firsts for all of the classes!

On Thursday both Year 4 classes experienced their first taste of the whole class band lessons; their first chance to play either a keyboard, electric guitar, bass guitar, djembe or vocals within the whole class setting.

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 continued to build on their whole class band knowledge as they started to learn a new song. Year 5 are learning Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol, and even had the chance to practise their music on the newly refurbished school bus!

The Year 6 children channeled their inner rock star and made the most of the beautiful weather as they started to learn Smoke on the Water, by Deep Purple, and practise it outside!

Music lessons continued on Friday when both Year 2 classes impressed Mr Bellingham in their first lessons on the djembe, and Year 3 children continued from where they left off last year with their ukulele lessons. Individual lessons also continued with Mr Oakton.

We are already looking forward to next week’s music lessons and have lots of exciting activities planned for the coming weeks!