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Music Rocks

At the moment we are learning a song called Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. I like the song because it is rock and I like rock music. In the band I am playing the keyboard. I like playing the keyboard because you get to play hard music and it sounds good. I like music lesson because we do things that not every school does.

By Joseph, Maple Class

Year 4 Music, Week 2

In our music lessons we are learning the Ed Sheeran song Photograph.  

We like the song because it is peaceful and fun to listen to. We are both singers in the band and love singing because we are good at it and it is fun. We both really like Music lessons.

Lil’s favourite song is Heathens by Twenty One Pilots and Gracey’s is Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. We both love singing and would love to be singers in bands or on stage when we are older!

By Leilani and Gracey, Holly Class

Year 5 Music – Week 1

In music lessons, we are learning a song called Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

Melissa: I have been playing the keyboard in music lessons. The keyboards have been learning how to use the black notes. I find it very interesting but sometimes it can be tricky. We all play really amazing as a class/band.

Taya: I have been playing the djembe. It’s really fun and I love it because it can be hard sometimes but it can also be funny. In my group [also playing djembe] are Ruby, Sam, Eden, Wiktoria, Leyla, Neeve and Connor. I really love music and our lessons.

By Taya and Melissa