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Year 5 Lessons 🎶🎹🎸

Recently in music lessons  (in Year 5) we have been learning to play Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. The instruments we used to play this song were the keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar djembe and we also had singers. The instrument I played was the djembe.

It was very fun doing Chasing Cars with Mr Bellingham and Mr Oakton. Instead of having just the singers singing the chorus everyone sang as a class, for the verses Maddox sang. It was very exciting singing the chorus. Sometimes rehearsals were hard but most of the time it was very cool, fun and exciting but sometimes it was hard but altogether it was a great song to learn to play.

I had so much fun learning how to play chasing cars on the djembe and hope to have as much fun as that learning the next songs we do in music. I love doing music so much and I loved doing Chasing Cars.

By Taya

Music lessons

In music we having been doing a cover on Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.  Me and Wiki have been working on the keyboards and other people will play the guitar, djembe and even the ukulele.

Our teachers are Mr Oakton and Mr Bellingham. The best things what we do are making songs and we also post them on Twitter.

By Leyla

Chasing Cars

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Mr Bellingham and Mr Oakton were helping us to learn and practice the song before recording it.

In each of our music lessons we learnt different parts of the song and when it came to recording it we knew all the bits we were doing. Maddox was the lead singer followed by 3 of the girls and at the chorus the whole class sung.

I enjoyed doing the song and hopefully the next song will be as good.

Our Class Music

So far in music this half term we have been doing Radioactive. There have been 5 instruments they have been the djembe, bass guitar, electric guitar, ukulele and piano. I have been playing on djembe which I enjoy.

We have also been doing Chasing Cars. I played electric guitar with Joshua, Euan and Emily. Last week Mr Bellingham took us out in twos to record the song. Me and Joshua went first and played the electric guitar. My favourite instrument I like to play in music is piano.

Mr Oakton takes me for my guitar lesson very week. Mr B and Mr Oakton ROCK!

🙂 By George 🙂


Chasing Cars

In music, we have been learning a song called Chasing cars by Snow Patrol. I was playing Djembe with some other people. Ruby and I were the leaders for Djembe.

Also, Mr. Bellingham and Mr. Oakton recorded the whole class doing Chasing cars. Maddox was the main singer but all of the class did the chorus. Ruby and I played cajon which is a drum.

When Chasing Cars was finished, I was so impressed, it sounded amazing.

By Eden

What we do in music…

In music we do lots of things like singing, bass guitars/six string guitars, keyboard, ukulele and drums. Lately, we have been rehearsing ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol. In our practice, we’ve had Mr Bellingham and Mr Oakton with us if we need help. Mr Oakton helps with our chords. Mr Bellingham helps us keep in time with the music. On the next day we recorded our song by singing it with Maddox. In the morning Mr Bellingham choose some people to help him record the song ‘Chasing Cars’. One week after we started with ‘Radioactive’.

Thank you Mr Bellingham and Mr Oakton for letting us do music.

By Natalia

Year 5 Music – Week 1

In music lessons, we are learning a song called Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

Melissa: I have been playing the keyboard in music lessons. The keyboards have been learning how to use the black notes. I find it very interesting but sometimes it can be tricky. We all play really amazing as a class/band.

Taya: I have been playing the djembe. It’s really fun and I love it because it can be hard sometimes but it can also be funny. In my group [also playing djembe] are Ruby, Sam, Eden, Wiktoria, Leyla, Neeve and Connor. I really love music and our lessons.

By Taya and Melissa